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Monthly Archives: Aug 2015

Motivation By Education

Getting motivated by music and motivational speeches work. But another “out-of-the-box-of-trash” way to motivate yourself is by educating yourself.

I learned this strategy from a friend of mine that has a Hawaii house cleaner business. While she was self employed in her own business, she listened to 100’s of hours of non-fiction, business, and self help audiobooks or videos on Youtube. Not only it was a great use of time, but she found that is motivated her, not only on the job, but to push herself more to grow and reach her ultimate goals.

I’ve tried it myself and it surprised me. Initially, I thought it was going to be counterintuitive, that listening to a book would slow me down. I don;t know why, but gaining the knowledge from what I was listening to just boosted me up!

I guess the cliche saying, read more