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Motivation To Motivate You

I like to to use motivation videos to get motivated. That is my secret to motivation as I’ve mentioned in my previous post. But the thing is, it’s not just my opinion. Words do manifest things. It may seem like some “new age” metaphysical mantra, but it has been scientifically proven of how words and thoughts can physically mold matter. (See Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, research, and findings.)

Anyway, listening to motivational speeches gives you the extra “umph” to get going and strive 10x harder to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve.

Try it out. It was pretty interesting that our limo bus driver did the same thing to motivate himself as well. And it was also surprising that he was the owner of the company!

Hey, I guess it works. Here’s a motivational video read more

The Secret To Motivating Yourself

When most people want to get motivated for whatever reason they tend to find it in music. It’s a good way to get motivated, but it’s not the most effective.

Most people choose their motivation music by the beat, rhythm, or instrumental of the songs. The fast rhythms and tempo of a song may get people’s hearts pumping and influencing the body. But what most people don’t realize is that the lyrics and/or words spoken in a song is as, maybe even more, influential to people’s motivation than just the beat.

Words are very powerful. Words can become things. So, you can imagine what manifestations arise, or lack there of, from listening to so called “motivational” tracks talking about killing people, sex, gang banging, drugs, etc.

Words, lyrics, and text can have a subliminal influence on the mind. So, the secret to motivation is to listen to motivational music, talks, and/or speeches.

When I was in Hawaii for a business seminar/conference, our business mentor played a motivational video for us (shown below) while we were transporting to the hotel in a beautiful luxury Oahu Party Bus. After the video, everyone had a read more

The Shortcut To Success Is The Longest Way To Get There

In today’s generation, instant gratification is the theme to life. The “I want it now”, mentality seems to be the common sense mindset. It’s evident in today’s lifestyles with instant messagingdrugs for that instant “feel good” high, diet pillssupplements, the lottery in the hopes of becoming an instant millionaire, instant microwavable foods, the list goes on.

We now live in a world where if patience does not bring results in the first try, it does’t and will not work and on to the next venture.

People will take shortcuts in attempts to get the desired outcome and to succeed quickly and easily. But, little do majority of the people knowread more

Life And Games Are The Real Sports

Welcome! 1st Post! GOAL!!!

I’d like to start off this blog with a video to set the foundation of what this blog is going to be about.

Some say, “life is a game’, well let’s make it into a sport.

Learn how to play:

All Sports Game