Find Your Strength

Along with knowing yourself, you need to find your strengths. Finding your strengths will allow you to leverage and position yourself to be as effective as you can be and fighting less resistance to where you want to go and be.

In terms of sports and games for examples:

  • In basketball, typically you don’t want a center position player to be shooting 3 pointers.
  • In football, typically you don’t want a 5’8″ 185 receiver trying to block the 6’0+ 250 lb. linemen from sacking the quarterback on every play.
  • Typically, you don’t want a golfer trying to bat for your baseball team.

And so on.

To find you strengths and to even more so leverage yourself, finding out what interests you is essential. Usually, the things that interests you down to the core is what you should considerably focus on. (View the video of Robert Greene’s interview to learn more about finding your natural inclinations). It takes a bit of reflecting, trial and error, and soul searching to find out your true interests are. But once you do, you can take that and turn it into a strength to propel you to anything you want and desire in your life.

Doing this coincides to what you are meant to do in this life, the meaning of life, your life. Your individual life’s meaning and purpose in this world.

When you figure this out, nothing can stop you!

Find your strength!