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Master Yourself By Knowing Thyself

If you want to succeed in games, sports and/or life, you need to know what you are working with and the tools that you have.

The main and only “tool” that you really need is…yourself.

There’s no one in this universe like you. You are unique in every way. Your DNA, experiences, knowledge, life lessons learned, interests, passion, etc., all make up who you are. All of these things are elements to an equation that makes up the product of you.

There is power hidden in the equation – a power in you. If you can somehow figure out that power, you can unlock the secret to your own success if you master it.

Let’s take a little break from the motivation and work on figuring out how to master yourself.

Here’s the best selling author Robert Greene in an interview about his book Mastery.

Knowing thyself and mastering yourself is the real power. You will only realize the power when you figure out who you really are.

“Learn more about yourself…and master it.” – All Sports Game