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The Secret To Motivating Yourself

When most people want to get motivated for whatever reason they tend to find it in music. It’s a good way to get motivated, but it’s not the most effective.

Most people¬†choose their motivation music by the beat, rhythm, or instrumental of the songs. The fast rhythms and tempo of a song may get people’s hearts pumping and influencing the body. But what most people don’t realize is that the lyrics and/or words spoken in a song is as, maybe even more, influential to people’s motivation than just the beat.

Words are very powerful. Words can become things. So, you can imagine what manifestations arise, or lack there of, from listening to so called “motivational” tracks talking about killing people, sex, gang banging, drugs, etc.

Words, lyrics, and text can have a subliminal influence on the mind. So, the secret to motivation is to listen to motivational music, talks, and/or speeches.

When I was in Hawaii for a business seminar/conference, our business mentor played a motivational video for us (shown below) while we were transporting to the hotel in a beautiful luxury Oahu Party Bus. After the video, everyone had a spike of motivation and was extra inspired to get the day going and build success.

Motivational speeches works for any type of reasons to get motivated – sports, competition, work, working out, weight loss, achieving goals, building the business you always wanted to, etc. It’s a secret that I now use for myself to stay motivated.

Try it out and see.

Stay motivated my friends. All Sports Game