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The Shortcut To Success Is The Longest Way To Get There

In today’s generation, instant gratification is the theme to life. The “I want it now”, mentality seems to be the common sense mindset. It’s evident in today’s lifestyles with instant messagingdrugs for that instant “feel good” high, diet pillssupplements, the lottery in the hopes of becoming an instant millionaire, instant microwavable foods, the list goes on.

We now live in a world where if patience does not bring results in the first try, it does’t and will not work and on to the next venture.

People will take shortcuts in attempts to get the desired outcome and to succeed quickly and easily. But, little do majority of the people know, shortcuts are usually the longest way to get to success. The common outcome to shortcuts is a learning experience, if the person wants to see it that way (most likely not with shortcut mentality-type people). The shortcut learning experience takes more time to learn from as opposed to taking the time to really learn the craft and mastering the skills to acquire success.

Sure, there a the few people who have taken shortcuts and have acquired their success. But, if you really study them, their success are usually either short lived or something else is sacrificed such as true happiness, the sense of accomplishment, passion, etc. This usually leads to chasing more instant gratifications in life which ultimately leads to less desirable outcomes.

The greats out there from the past and present are great because they didn’t take short cuts. If they did, they probably learned the lesson the hard way of not to take them. They spent their, what many call, 10,000 hours earning, practicing, perfecting, and mastering their craft to become the successful people that they are in their art and craft. From the Michael Jordans to the John Elways, Floyd Maywhethers to the Ty Cobbs, and so on.

This doesn’t only pertain to sports but professions, games, and hobbies as well.

The timely process, also known as “the grind” is part of becoming successful. We are not saying it’s going to be easy – far from it. But just know, it is what makes success success.